Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High is all about three characters at a public school, Mr G, a fairly flamboyant and effeminate drama teacher, Jonah Takalua, a Tongan year 8 student who’s a delinquent has a passion for breakdancing and swears like he has tourettes, and Ja’mie (ja-may) King, a snooty, bitchy private school student from Hillford girls school, who is at SHH as part of an exchange student and acts like a spoilt little brat, and her family is like really rich anyway. The show sparked both controversy; with constant foul language, racist and homophobic comments by characters and words which are displayed and repeated by students at shcools around Australia. It’s almost like an epidemic! Chris Lilley was not only chastised for ‘innapropriately’ touching a student with Downs Syndrome, but also for using a chracter, a year 11 student, who died of an ecstasy overdose who was said to be based on a real girl who died after taking ecstasy at the 2007 Good Vibrations oncert in Sydney or something and who’s parents tried to sue the ABC for this but the case was dropped. Shooting concluded two or three months before the death of Annabel Catt, which is why charges were dropped.

For me, this is possibly the best comedy series I have EVER seen and certainly the best Australian comedy ever. Chris Lilley (who plays all of the characters) should be commended and the show definitely deserves a gold Logie or so! The characters are refreshingly original, the stories so accurate about the public school system and the lines and ideas are soooo funny! I love it, 5 stars!



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