That’s, like, so random!

Several lines will be immortilized forever in the minds of kids, adults and teachers alike.
Here they are:

Mr G:
“Coffee, coffee, coffee before we teachy, teachy”
“Helene you big poof!”
“You look like a bloody brain-dead retard!”
(In song): “Annabel Dickson. When girls take drugs then they die, who would have thought, at Summer Heights High. On days like these, it’s a Bummer Heights Highhhhh! That Annabel died.”
“Oh drama, that’s a bludge subject, that’s a poofo subject. Wrong. Drama changes lives.”
“She’s a liar, she’s a bloody liar.”
“Celine, do you want a smack?!”
“Oh, you spas, you retard, oh your such a spastic.”
“Boys, stop playing with balls near the windows thank you!”
(In song):“Playground play, come ‘n’ play in the playground, playground.”
(In song): “Rodney’s coming over to watch a DVD, who’s cooking dinner, not me.” “Hehehe, that’s what normally happens when you come over, I never cook. Switch me off please…”

Mr G and Celine

Highlights some of the activities and subjects covered from Mr G’s drama classes. Very funny.


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